Empowering and Honest, George Shelley Releases Vulnerable ‘Lose To Find’

George Shelley returns with an impressive, transparent slice of solo music in the form of Lose To Find – a track which was spurred by his own grieving process – yet this is one that embraces the pain of such emotions, but the sense of hope that gets us through. The track sees George work with producers Ofer Shabi & Yaniv Fridel on the song which marks his first music release since 2019’s Put Your Records On.

Creating the track after lockdown, George shared: “I made a promise to myself after lockdown that I would find the confidence to do this and so I have spent this last year working with some incredible people, building faith and removing expectations and limiting beliefs, to give to you this piece of my soul.”

Reaffirming the sense of light in the darkness and hope over fear that is so prominent in the track, George adds: “I want this to shine a positive light into dark places and give hope to those who’ve suffered loss of any kind; be it loved ones, loss of sanity, direction, motivation or self. “

George taps into some truly heartfelt imagery in his lyrics with lines such as “One more dance, one night to make more plans / I’d trade a million moments for one more memory / Of you by my skin, the distance paper thin / But I’ll just tell myself it’s alright…” The lyrics offered the singer a sense of support and hopefulness as the singer notes: “These lyrics, throughout moments of sadness and deep sorrow, always reminded me to keep on going and offered solace in periods of impossibilities. My hope is that it gives council to anybody who is struggling to deal with their trauma, anybody in parallel situations and anyone struggling to connect with their own hurt. I know that by finding the courage and strength to release this after so many years, I have overcome a hurdle and I am proud to have shared this to mark the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. My heart is overflowing with love and I am so grateful for all of the incredible comments and support, thank you. It is my unshakable hope that others will benefit from this song as much as I have over the years and encourage people to persevere. Remember, we all deal with things in our own way and that’s okay.”

Stream Lose To Find above. Connect with George here.