‘The American Song Contest’ Trailer Promises ‘The Biggest Live Music Event America Has Ever Seen’

The American Song Contest has been a concept intriguing many Eurovision fans who wondered if the project might ever see the light of day like the ill-fated Eurovision Asia Song Contest. Well it seems slightly more concrete that the project will arrive with the first trailer for the upcoming competition arriving and sharing that “The biggest live music event America has ever seen” will be arriving after the Winter Olympics coverage on US network NBC.

Split over multiple episode, the contest is set to include three qualifying rounds, semi-finals and a grand final so it is unlikely that viewers will sit through fifty-six competing songs in one evening. The show is set to feature fifty states and five territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) – as well as Washington DC. Maybe Melania will return with Sugar-esque dance banger?

The contest seems keen to stress the versatility of the acts submitting, sharing on its casting site: “From indie to pop, bands to DJ’s, rap to singer-songwriters, signed or independent, we will be showcasing a diverse array of artists in all genres from across the country.” Of course the diversity of Eurovision is one of the key factors in its longevity and enduring adoration from hundreds of millions of European viewers so it is unsurprising that Christer Björkman and his fellow producers are keen to replicate that.

Expect to hear more about the contest before it kicks off in February 2022.