Melanie Wehbe Delivers Liberating Pop Earworm ‘Sugarcoat’

Sometimes brilliant things come together quickly and Melanie Wehbe’s latest single Sugarcoat is the perfect example of this. The track began coming to fruition a mere six weeks ago with the Swedish singer teaming-up with co-writers Patrik Jean and Herman Gardarfve on the addictive new single.

“If you wanna go you should go, No I don’t want you to go / But if you already know / Baby don’t sugar coat…” Melanie sings against anthemic percussion in this ode to independence. The song captures the battle between wanting the positives of a relationship, but not being prepared to waste time when it isn’t going anywhere. With a punky defiance in her vocals, Sugarcoat is an immediate earworm that shines as one of Melanie’s strongest tracks.

The singer shared: “Six weeks ago this song didn’t even exist!? I just had to release it as quick as possible so I could end a chapter and start a new one. So here’s SUGARCOAT a liberating song that will help us move on!!

As well as having a successful solo discography, Melanie has also written for fellow Swedes Måns Zelmerlöw, Lena Hedlund and The Mamas.

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Photos: Magnus Ragnvid