Rising Talent Joshua Returns With 5-Track ‘Club Nirvana’ EP and Immediately Sends Us to the Dancefloor

Last year we shared some music from rising pop talent Joshua who impressed us with his singles Unorthodox, Icon and Neon Nights back in 2019. The handsome musical talent returns with a brand new five track EP which he dubs Club Nirvana.

With bouncing percussion and sultry vocals, the EP opens with the eponymous title track which immediately transports the listener to a bouncing nightclub setting complete with disco balls and throwbacks to classic house music. Joshua sings of letting go inhibitions and embracing the buzz and ecstasies of Club Nirvana. Energy follows complete with pounding basslines and slinky grooves as Joshua sings “All I need is your energy” in the luscious, sexually-charged dancefloor gem. Riot settles into the EP with classic Max Martin vibes felt in the swaggering production and Joshua’s attitude filled vocals taking centre stage in the punchy middle point of the EP.

Penultimate track Paradise is a mellow romantic number filled with a woozy sense of longing and gentle finger-clicking beat and percussion arrangements creating an entrancing musical melody. Nostalgic Erasure and Pet Shop Boys flavoured production opens Wild Nights an ode to expressing yourself and living authentically – a club-friendly number brimming with an infectious positivity.

The singer shared: “Ahhhh I don’t even know where to start, this is my first EP and I’m so proud of my little baby. This EP is about freedom, love, acceptance, liberation, joy and it’s gay af. I want you all to feel a little more seen through the journey of these songs and hopefully find some comfort in them. I could go on forever about the inspirations and I will in the coming weeks but right now I’ll let the music speak for itself. Being an independent artist is hard at times but I will never get over the support you all give me. It’s been my dream for the longest time to have people enjoy my music and I now feel I can say that through your messages and love you do. I said to myself long ago, if I could even touch one soul with my music then I’ve made it….so….MUM I MADE IT!”

It’s a pleasure to have Joshua back releasing music. Check out his EP above. You can connect him here.