AURORA Flourishes on Experimental Pop Treat ‘Heathens’ Ahead of ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ LP

“The stone, the dirt, the dust / The unforgiving promise made to us / Unworthy of your light, your god / your touch… / We’re guided by the lust…” Norwegian singer AURORA sings on her latest track Heathens. The track serves as another slice of the performer’s upcoming The Gods We Can Touch album which is schedules for its official release on the 21st of January.

Heathens is penned by AURORA alongside Magnus Skylstad, Odd Martin Bergjord, and Skålnes with AURORA and Magnus producing. AURORA shared “This piece holds a special place in my heart. I’m so excited for it to finally be with all of you.”

Building its bubbling electronic production as the track progresses, AURORA’s ethereal vocals shine giving the track an emotional yet experimental flavour.

You can see the tracklist for Aurora’s ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ below.

  1. The Forbidden Fruits Of Eden’
  2. ‘Everything Matters’
  3. ‘Giving In To The Love’
  4. ‘Cure For Me’
  5. ‘You Keep Me Crawling’
  6. ‘Exist For Love’
  7. ‘Heathens’
  8. ‘The Innocent’
  9. ‘Exhale Inhale’
  10. ‘A Temporary High’
  11. ‘A Dangerous Thing’
  12. ‘Artemis’
  13. ‘Blood In The Wine’
  14. ‘This Could Be A Dream’
  15. ‘A Little Place Called The Moon’