High BPM and Powerhouse Vocals: Sergey Lazarev Releases New Russian Language Album ‘8 (♾)’

Sergey Lazarev returns with his new album 8 (♾) with the Russian language LP following up his 2019 release Eto Ya – the eight track album arrives almost exactly two years after its predecessor. The Eurovision star opts to record the album entirely in Russian with previous singles Aroma and I Cannot Be Silent featuring amongst several new songs.

The Russian heartthrob shared his desire for fans to listen to the album in the order intended, noting: “I always pay great attention to the selection of songs, sound, tracklist (the order of the songs in the album), so I ask you to listen to the songs in the order in which I put them in order to complete the sensations from the album! It’s important for me! There are no random songs in the album!” Sergey adds: “Thanks to all the fans for their faith, dedication and patience while waiting for the new album.”

Like Sergey’s recent releases, 8 is comprised of a mix of eclectic electronic-centred tracks with Sergey sticking to his speciality of high BPM paired with powerhouse vocals. The wait continues for fans of Sergey’s English language music still eager for a follow-up to his 2018 album The One. In the meantime, stream 8 beneath the tracklist.

1.Дурман (Durman)
2.Третий (Tretiy) ‘Third’
3.Ароматом (Aromatom) ‘Aroma’
4.Облака (Oblaka) ‘Clouds’
5.Неодиночки (Ne odinochki) ‘Not Lonely’
6.Я не могу молчать (Deep Version) [Ya ne mogu molchatʹ (Deep Version)] ‘I Cannot Be Silent’
7.Мечтатели (Mechtateli) ‘Dreamers’
8.Танцуй (Tantsui) ‘Dance’