Max Barskih Delivers Seductive English Language Pop Treat ‘Tequila Sunrise’ Ahead of Upcoming Album

Max Barskih gears up to release his new album with latest single Tequila Sunrise expected to feature. The Ukrainian star channels seductive cool on the single which is packed with woozy acoustic guitar, brass and electronic production to create an elegant Mediterranean flavour.

Tequila Sunrise is centred on theme of loneliness and passion, with the handsome singer sharing “This song is special for me. It is about magnetism between people. About the pain and the dance that will end one way or another. But while the music is playing, the two dissolve into each other.” The track is set to join previous English single Just Fly on the new album which will be unveiled soon.

Max accompanies the new single with a similarly impressive video featuring numerous provocative dance routines that explore the seductive nature of the track. The choreographer of the video Anastasia Kharchenko shares that she wanted each of the dancers to convey their own story, noting “I wanted the viewer to witness a special plastic world dictated by music, at the same time united by one space and time. Wherever he turns his gaze, a separate mise-en-scene of passions unfolds. And the main character finds himself in this universe and begins to pulsate with it.”

Max is currently gearing up for his US tour, dates of which you can see on the poster below. Connect with Max here.