Benedict Cork Channels Nostalgia and Heartbreak on Danceable New Single ‘The Life We Planned’

British singer-songwriter Benedict Cork adds to his increasingly impressive discography with latest single The Life We Planned. The self-penned number is produced by Tim Bran and showcases Benedict’s heartfelt lyrics against rousing emotive production.

“Remember all the nights we spent, dreaming big and wanting more, to break out of this little town, spend a summer in New York, remember all the days we dreamt, of our house down by the shore, picking names out for our kids, choosing colours for the walls, now you’re gone…” Benedict sings in lyrics which touch upon the what ifs and lost potential of a past relationship. With gently building multi-instrumental production from Bran, The Life We Planned manages to hit us in the emotions whilst being lightly danceable.

Benedict recently released his five track Secrets We’ll Never Tell EP earlier this year featuring anthems such as Have a Good Life (See You Never). We have a strong feeling we will be hearing a lot from Benedict in recent years.

You can connect with Benedict here.