Ollie Wride Delivers Synthpop with a Heart on Joyous New Single ‘A Matter of Time’

Ollie Wride delivers euphoric optimism on his latest single A Matter of Time. The track marks the British synthwave star’s first single release of 2021 and it arrives with a real bang – a big emotive crowd-pleaser that retains the hallmarks of Ollie’s style – emotive vocals, rippling synths and vibrant real instrumental backing including guitar, bass and some joyous sax.

Ollie accompanied the new release with the following statement: “Ecstatic to finally share the first of the new batch. This was one of the first songs I wrote before the world shut shop. Having started with the intended message of a self-help mantra, now against the backdrop of the past 18 months has given the lyric a far more literal edge. The intention was to place far more focus on the human element of my music whilst keeping those classic hallmarks in tow.”

The brimming energy and passion in A Matter of Time immediately asserts it as a hugely welcome return for Ollie who will be performing the track in Glasgow and London live shows next week. The singer continued: “Real instruments bottling the live spirit, with a few analog pieces of tech for good measure. Helmed by Adam Sinclair’s production, working with him has had such an impact on my music moving forward, it’s given me a renewed sense of confidence to explore my roots. Featuring some stellar guest performances by Ross Trinkaus & JJ Tiberio (Guitar), Johnathan Proud (Bass) and The 1975’s very own John Waugh on Saxophone duties , thank you guys for bringing the energy of a freight train.”

For more of Ollie, check out his 2020 album Thanks in Advance which you can stream below. Connect on Facebook here.