Ladies on Mars’ Donna Summer Remixes Are Bringing Some Heat to the Winter Chill on ‘I’m a Rainbow: Recovered & Recoloured’

Donna Summer’s voice is greatly missed from the pop landscape with her 2008 album Crayons, a great indicator of the contemporary music the diva was capable of creating. Thankfully the late Ms Summer lives on through a variety of fresh remixes on ‘I’m a Rainbow: Recovered & Recoloured’ – a contemporary set which revives the singer’s 1996 album I’m a Rainbow.

Recorded in 1981 but ultimately shelved, the album marked Summer’s last major collaboration with Giorgio Moroder and unfortunately never got the love it deserved upon its release in the mid-nineties. Recovered and Recoloured shines as a perfect means of rejuvenating the lost classic with remixes from Junior Vasquez, Le Flex, Figo Sound, Jean Tonique, Ladies On Mars and Oliver Nelson. However, it is the Ladies On Mars remixes that have truly given us life.

Ladies On Mars aka Jonathan Douglas Braverman, is a DJ and Producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who has turned some of these lost Summer classics into nostalgic contemporary dance gems. Tracks such as Romeo get a fiery Hi-NRG make-over whilst Highway Runner turns into a groovy synth number and Brooklyn shines as an elegant disco treat. Check out the full tracklist below. You can stream the full LP after that.

1. I’m A Rainbow [Junior’s Shiny Rainbow Edit] 4:13
2. I Believe (In You) (Duet With Joe “Bean” Esposito) [Figo Sound Version] 4:45
3. Back Where You Belong [Jean Tonique Remix] 4:18
4. You To Me [Oliver Nelson Remix] 3:36
5. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina [Ladies On Mars ‘Buenos Aires’ Remix] 5:34

1. Sweet Emotion [Le Flex Remix] 3:43
2. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Remix] 4:42
3. Romeo [Ladies On Mars ‘Luv-NRG’ Remix] 3:38
4. Highway Runner [Ladies On Mars ‘Street Race’ Remix] 3:09
5. Leave Me Alone [Ladies On Mars ‘Independence’ Remix] 4:13

1. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Remix – Radio Edit] 3:36
2. I Believe (In You) (Duet With Joe “Bean” Esposito) [Figo Sound Radio Version] 3:00
3. Highway Runner [Ladies On Mars ‘Street Race’ Extended Remix] 6:17

1. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Extended Remix] 6:52
2. Romeo [Ladies On Mars ‘Luv-NRG’ Extended Remix] 6:46