Little Boots Returns With Stunning Pop Masterclass ‘Landline’

Little Boots follows her pop masterclass Silver Balloons with the equally wonderful Landline – a track that pays tribute to the nostalgic joys of the home landline through the joys of incredible synthpop.

The track is both written and produced by Little Boots and packs beautiful lines such as “When I was a teenager, I used to call my boyfriend / On the landline every night and we would say / “One, two, three, press play at the same time” / Voices would sing to us / And I’d think maybe it’s love…” against silky electronic production laced with pounding drum machines and twinkling synths. Little Boots’ vocals are absolutely delightful pulling us into the woozy synthy romantic narrative which she crafts throughout the track.

The singer shared: “Who did you used to call on the landline when they were still a thing? I spent all day at school talking to my friends and then got home and called them on the landline for hours even though I have no idea what we still had to talk about. Usually whilst getting yelled at by one of my brothers for hogging the dial up internet or my dad for racking up a huge phone bill.”

Little Boots is currently working on her fourth album which you can support through Patreon. Connect with the talented chanteuse here.

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