Italian Pop Icon Loredana Bertè Releases New Album ‘Manifesto’

Italian musical icon Loredana Bertè drops her new album Manifesto this week with the LP featuring ten original Loredana tracks. The Non Ti Dico No singer previously released singles Figlia di… (which she performed at 2021’s San Remo) and Bollywood from the album which centres on the idea of the female experience.

Loredana shared: “The listener can understand very well, the figure I want to tell most is the woman and her world,” before continuing “For what my artistic and life story has been, the woman is always a central figure, in ’74 I sang ‘Sei bellissima’ , today not ‘I stopped being silent’, ‘Figlia di…’ …. I have always wanted to tell women, I have always rebelled against the role of object woman who wanted us and, alas, still want to give. and also by instinct I bring my feelings, my sensations and what I see around me into my music, going against everything they want to impose on us.”

Check out the tracklist for Loredana’s seventeenth studio album below:


01. Bollywood

02. Lacrime in limousine (feat. Fedez)

03. Ho smesso di tacere

04. Florida (feat. Nitro)

05. Dark Lady

06. Figlia di…

07. Chi non muore si rivede

08. Donne di ferro (feat. J-Ax)

09. Quelle come me

10. Persa nel supermercato