Agnes is a Force of Nature on New Spiritual and Cinematic Pop Masterclass ‘Magic Still Exists’

Swedish pop talent Agnes delivers her first album since 2012’s Veritas and the musical talent does not disappoint with Magic Still Exists – this collection of dancefloor centred gems released through Universal Music Sweden. Agnes dubs the album’s genre ‘spiritual disco’ and this term feels perfect – these eleven tracks conjure up themes of utopian ideals, celestial magic, and the power of freedom all channelled through the sounds of dance music.

Agnes shares: “‘Magic Still Exists’ is a collection of epiphanies about what it means to be human and our need to constantly search for something bigger, something more. The album was made together with friends and the process has therefore been very intimate. Something that made me relax, let go and have fun with it.”

Layered between interludes which encapsulate Agnes’ spiritual dancefloor themes, seven tracks truly assert the singer’s return as a huge pop player. XX opens with powerful vocoder flavoured vocals before silky electronic production from Vargas & Lagola takes hold. Building to the addition of Agnes’ honey-like vocals at the one minute mark deliver themes of self-expression amidst danceable experimental effects.

We found ourselves immediately obsessed with Agnes’s 24 Hours when this was released as a single and it flows even more beautifully as part of the album. This is a sublime Scandinavian pop stomper with blasting electronic production, rippling drumbeats, and hook-driven vocals complete with earworming effects. 24 Hours is an urgent, impeccable call to arms, compelling you to the dancefloor. Here Comes the Night packs an equally powerful chorus shimmering atop ethereal production and elegant backing vocals conveying a sense of dreamy escapist pop.

Love and Appreciation pays homage to classic disco with seventies dancefloor anthems conjured up in this hopeful, self-affirmation gem. Rippling basslines, soulful vocals, and string driven production help this shine as a contemporary classic that bridges the gap between classic and progressive dance music. Elements of Roisin Murphy’s Roisin Machine may spring to mind on Selfmade with its industrial beats, crunching synths, and experimental flavours. Chanting vocal effects and production brimming with layered multi-instrumentation help this female-empowerment anthem shine as an album standout.

Seventies soul disco is conjured up on Fingers Crossed which manages to evoke Agnes’s classic favourites such as Release Me and Love Love Love, yet this feels like Agnes 2.0 – more assured and confident in her musical vision. Nostalgic space disco flavours arrive thanks to the choral hooks and bubbling electronics beneath the lush strings which help Fingers Crossed shine.

The piano heavy Magic Still Exists closes the set, echoing the line ‘Free your mind and free your body’ encapsulating the themes that shine through the LP. Agnes’s vocals gently flow atop the delicate piano showcasing the talent’s range and well-handled management of the album’s cohesive emotional and sonic tone. This is a hopeful, ethereal end to the album serving as a poignant end of party closer.

Magic Still Exists LP Tracklisting

1. Spiritual Awakening 

2. XX 

3. 24 Hours 

4. Freedom 

5. Here Comes The Night 

6. Love And Appreciation 

7. The Soul Has No Gender 

8. Selfmade 

9. Fingers Crossed 

10. Free Your Mind And Free Your Body 

11. Magic Still Exists 

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Image credit: Fredrik Etoal