Fresh New Music from Emerging Swiss Star Callipolis – Dystopian Pop Track ‘KEROSENE’

Blending chamber-pop sounds with bold vocals, complex instrumental arrangements and sharp electronic sounds, emerging Geneva-born talent Callipolis delivers his assured debut single KEROSENE.

This Gothic-flavoured electronic pop piece marks Callipolis’ (Timothée Botbol) first official single, despite a varied career throughout the UK and Europe as a concert cellist. With concert activities on hold due to the pandemic, Timothée has had the chance to push his artistry as a solo performer. He shares “KEROSENE is the first window into the dream-city of Callipolis, a poetic and musical take on today’s mass spectacles and drained culture.”

The first of a number of expected releases from Callipolis, the artist adds: “Completely self-produced, each release reveals a facet of the City of Callipolis through the eyes of an imaginary alter-ego, where stadium-ready anthems, visual wonders and stories of heartbreak serve as imaginary propaganda and political deceit.

There is not anything quite like KEROSENE at the moment, blending sophisticated chamber music flavours with electronic pop soundscapes, Callipolis is an artist that has us incredibly excited.

You can connect with Callipolis here.