French Singer-Songwriter NORACED Releases Stellar New Single ‘Control,’ Ahead of Upcoming ‘EGO’ Album

Long time readers may remember our feature of French model and singer-songwriter Manu Noraced’s musical project The Missing Piece his fifth studio album and its accompanying lead single What If. The independent artist returns with a new album scheduled for release on November 2nd, titled EGO. Noraced precedes the full collection with its first single Control.

Fans may notice that Noraced incorporates more electronic elements in the production of Control marking an exciting new direction for the star. Packed with whirling synths, funk-infused electric guitar and Noraced’s distinctive vocal delivery, Control is an addictive earworm that delivers an impressive slice of emotionally intelligent electronic pop. The track and upcoming album features production from Tom Bailey.

The singer delved a little bit more into the story behind Control: “Control is about losing your bearings, when you are so devoted to someone. It’s scary, right ? This ambivalent feeling floating in your body and you just don’t know how to express it properly. I tried to find the words and sing on them with all my heart.”

Control is accompanied by a striking, elegant video shot by Clement Guegan which sees Noraced exploring a beautifully shot rural landscape.

Connect with Manu here before the EGO’s release on November 2nd.