US Songwriter Miles Hardt Delivers Emotional Stripped Back Number ‘Fears’

Ventura-based singer-songwriter Miles Hardt releases his latest single Fears – an emotive stripped back track that pays tribute to a heartfelt message his mother shared with him.

Capturing the relationships, experiences and loves which shape us throughout our lives, Miles sings “71 and I’m wise just like my mother / With her hair all gray / I’m 11 and it’s summer / She’s whispering / Everything will be okay,” in the track’s heartfelt lyrics. Fears really tugs at the heartstrings in its elegant lyricism and absorbing guitar centric production.

The handsome artist accompanied the track with the following message on his Instagram: “Nothing in this life has been as consistent as my mothers love. She left me a message a few years ago that inspired this song. I put her sweet voice in the end hoping it will find others in this world and do for them what it’s done for me. These words
“Your dreams are never wasted. You can accomplish so much in life if you only get past your own doubt. Be fearless in all the you do. Be fearless in all that you feel and be fearless in all that you love.”

Fears follows on from Miles’ impressive Illusions EP which was released earlier this year. Connect with him here.