AMADEUS Tackles the Trappings of Fame on New Single ‘About to Go’

Amadeus Sögaard follows his previous single Not the Same (a collaboration with Swedish producer Hellion) with new track About to Go. In lyrics co-written by Amadeus and producer Albin Tengblad, About to Go delves into the trappings of fame and its effects.

“There’s people here who that’s ready to do anything with anyone as long as they get free champagne / But I’m not made for this life, no / Put my trust on a dice, no / But it’s none of my business for me to criticise how you live your life…” the Swedish musician and footballer sings on the single which centres itself on distancing oneself from the noise and distractions of life. Albin Tengblad’s production is high energy with a slick house-influenced electronic style complimenting Amadeus’ emotive vocal delivery.

Amadeus is building up an incredible discography with standout singles Exhibition, Lovers and Lie to Me asserting him as one of the most exciting figures working in the Scandinavian pop world at the moment.

For the single’s impressive cover art, Amadeus roped in the talents of numerous friends including Andreas Wijk for its hand-drawn aesthetics.

Check out the single above. Connect with Amadeus here.