Megan McKenna Heads to the Dancefloor on New Banger ‘Won’t Go Back Again’

Megan McKenna found initial music success with her country-centred tracks such as High Heeled Shoes and Far Cry From Love. The reality star and singer veers more towards the world of dancepop with her latest single Won’t Go Back Again, a slinky electronic number made for the clubs.

Won’t Go Back Again is written by Conran Lee, Georgia Buchanan, Megan and Rhett Lee, with production from Paul Whalley and Twin Lee. It sees Megan sing “You gotta have the love to know how to love somebody / You gotta hurt someone to know how to feel the pain / You gotta have the love to recognise you’re lonely / Because once you’ve had it babe you won’t go back again…” against swirling electronic production and a powerful BPM rate.

It’s great to hear Megan continue to experiment with her sound and Won’t Go Back Again is a fantastic new direction for the Celebrity X Factor winner.