Little Boots Delivers a Sophisticated Pop Belter With ‘Silver Balloons’

Little Boots will always be cemented in our hearts thanks to her flawless debut Hands and its subsequently impressive follow-ups Nocturnes and Working Girl. The Grammy nominated pop talent blesses us with another single, Silver Balloons, a tribute to all the plans lost during the pandemic.

The singer shared more on her Instagram: “This song is about all our plans and parties bursting apart in front of our faces over the last 18 months like shiny balloons popping… all we could do to get through it was hold each other tight.” With bubbling synths and Little Boots’ instantly recognisable vocals, Silver Balloons is a sophisticated slice of disco flavoured dancepop with earworming beats and lyrics.

Little Boots shared her desire to turn Britain’s fortunes round in Eurovision and we hope the BBC are sensible enough to take note. She will also be taking the stage as part of ABBA’s Voyage Abbatar shows in London.

Little Boots is currently creating her fourth album through Patreon. You can find out more details here. Connect with her on Instagram.

Lead photo: Patrick Balls