Greyson Chance Channels Woozy Americana and Queer Images on New Single ‘Overloved’

Scott Harris and Teddy Geiger co-write Overloved, Greyson Chance’s latest single, a tender queer love ballad. The track is a standalone release and not from Greyson’s eight track Trophies album which was released earlier this year.

Like all of Greyson’s music, the singer conjures up luscious romantic imagery with lines such as “I just wanna fly with you to the sun / Drive a little dirty on the 101 / Hands all on my body, make me feel overloved / El Dorado summer and the wind is hot…” blending romantic queer elegance with images of nostalgic Americana. It is rumoured the track was due to feature on a shelved EP from Greyson, dubbed The Champion – where it would be joined by the similarly themed sonic releases Honeysuckle, Bad To Myself and Dancing Next To Me which also, unfortunately, did not feature on the Trophies album.

The twenty-four year old Texan shared on his Instagram: “This song was born, nurtured, and raised on tour, alongside you and i both. trying to record it in a quiet studio always felt strange to me, as if something was missing. it took me around 20+ times to get it right, and i can’t believe you’re hearing it in 10 days. treat our baby well ! ! !”