Ben Barnes Releases First Single ’11:11′, Announces EP ‘Songs For You’

Ben Barnes makes the transition from the screen to the recording studio in his debut single 11:11. The British actor has gone on to amass an impress 200k Spotify streams in the weekend since the single’s initial release, a feat he will hope to recreate with the release of its accompanying EP Songs For You.

11:11 is a brassy, uplifting pop number with a rousing tone and classic instrumentation that leans into the world of easy listening and big band music. With production from John Alagia and Jesse Siebenberg, Ben writes the track himself, an achievement which has been a long time coming, as the actor shared below:

“I am so thrilled to be sharing this with you after 20 years of wanting to release my own music and finally finding the right reasons… it’s never too late! Does the mirror number time 11:11 have mystical, cosmic significance?! Maybe not… but it can’t hurt to make a wish. My wish is in the song: for you all to be ‘happy, free and fearless’ in the pursuit of your dreams. So make a wish or 3 for someone you love, tag them here… and then go and help my dream come true by streaming the song. I’m so proud of this tune and music video and many wonderful, talented people helped me get it from my piano to here.”

For the video, Ben recruits the talented Evan Rachel Wood to co-star as he recreates the magic soulful old-school sound of the track.

See the full EP tracklist below:

  1. 11:11
  2. Rise Up
  3. Pirate Song
  4. Not the End
  5. Ordinary Day

Songs For You is released on October 15th 2021.