Natalia Gordienko Releases Video for Flawless ‘Sugar’ Follow-Up ‘High Heels’

We have been obsessed with Natalia Gordienko since she unofficially won Eurovision with her flawless dance bop Sugar as Moldova’s 2021 representative. The performer delivers her first English language track since her Eurovision banger, a similarly euphoric anthem called High Heels.

The Moldovan pop queen shared on her Instagram “Always wear #HIGHheels. Yes, they give you POWER. You move differently, sit differently and even speak differently. Welcome to the world #highheels.” The track is written by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn (who both worked on Sugar) with production also from Dimitris and Dmitry Agafonov.

The electronic hook filled chorus sees Natalia purr “This is easy, cause you need me / Wе can’t do this without trying / This is easy, cause you need me / Thеse high heels feel like I’m flying…” as she struts the footwear in the accompanying video.

Hopefully an English language album is on the horizon for Natalia. We need those Moldovan bangers!

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