Troye Sivan Shares Nostalgic Romantic New Single ‘Angel Baby’

Troye Sivan moves full-steam ahead with new music in the form of his latest single Angel Baby. The lush romantic slow-burner builds to a dramatic nostalgic chorus as Troye sings about being saved by a newfound love.

Troye shared “I think I’m a romantic, and have definitely experienced all that comes w that over the last while. Sometimes i wonder if I’ve lost hope, and then I’ll write on a song like Angel Baby and let myself remember and daydream and fantasise for a sec.”

The Australian singer croons “I just want to live in this moment forever / ‘Cause I’m afraid that living couldn’t get any better / Started giving up on the word forever / Until you give up heaven so we could be together…” against dramatic eighties flavoured synths. Troye sounds heavenly on this glamorous, sexy romantic gem.

Check out the visualiser below.