Preview: The Wicker Tree

Robin Hardy’s spiritual sequel (well it deals with the same territory) of The Wicker Man has finally been given a full trailer.

Our Thoughts:

  • Well the opening featuring Christopher Lee gave me goosebumps. He’s down as playing ‘an old man’ and has stated that this old man is seen looking at a painting. Rumour would suggest that this character is in fact Lord Summerisle from The Wicker Man. His role is no more than a cameo sadly. 
  • The film seems to have a nice big batch of oddness and set pieces. The wicker tree itself, is pretty magnificent (especially whens seen in person) and makes a nice homage to the original wicker man. The shots of the pagans dancing round the tree again make it feel very Wicker Man.
  • Graham McTavish looks excellent and looks like he’s truly going to give a breathtaking performance.
  • Hardy has also promised a complete original soundtrack, featuring traditional folk (like TWM), country and some pop (the end of the film involves ABBA…)
  • Staying true to Hardy’s other work the film has it’s fair share of horror and sex – with lots of T&A on display in the trailer. We’ve also got some scary looking animal masks!
  • One major concern is lead actress Brittania Nicol’s acting – see 1.18 in the trailer “Ah am one Queen of the May no one is EVER gonna forget…”, maybe the excellent Honeysuckle Weeks just makes her look bad. 
  • We have what looks like a rather fun performance from Clive Russell and Henry Garrett & Honeysuckle Weeks  as eye-candy.
  • It’s not going to be The Wicker Man brilliant, but we think it’s going to be a pretty damn good movie from Hardy.
No release date has been confirmed other than ‘burning soon’ (how vague…) but we hope the film gets a distributor and will be arriving soon!