Alek Sandar Battles LGBTQ+ Discrimination and Celebrates Bisexual Visibility in the Video for ‘MYM (Me, You and the Moon)’

We’ve featured the work of Bulgarian artist Alek Sandar numerous times on the site and are always impressed by his ability to deliver immaculate pop music yet also promote a sense of respect and equality in his work. We adored Alek’s latest single MYM (Me, You and the Moon) which we noted is ‘a slinky mid-tempo that blends traditional sounds with slick contemporary production for dreamy results’ – yet unfortunately this respect has not been shared by the major labels in his home nation.

The video for the project is an elegant, romantic affair directed by Alek, Dove Shore, and ShoSho – showcasing Alek with a mix of male and female dancers. Alek shared “I decided to use my status of celebrity in order to make a music video that would promote bisexual visibility. This is my ‘coming out video’.” Yet unfortunately the labels which were quick to show Alek support in previous years, have withdrawn this, stating “that this video does not fit their portfolio.”

Alek shared in more detail “I shot ‘Me, You and the Moon’ including openly bisexual scenes in the most beautiful way possible (in my eyes). But instead of reaching the big masses (like with my previous songs), I am being shut out by major labels which say, “that this video does not fit their portfolio” – The same major labels that have been supporting every single one of my releases for the past four years. They did not reject the song when they heard it first, however they rejected the VIDEO after they saw the finished clip. I did not think that ‘rejection’ was an option until they emailed me their decision not to distribute the song. So I uploaded it on my own YouTube channel, and without their distribution to radio or TV.

You can access the video at the top of the post. Sharing, liking and streaming helps show the global support for artists like Alek that are brave enough to support LGBTQ+ identity and freedoms.

The rise of right wing ideology across Europe at the moment is concerning and refusal to support art which celebrates love of all kinds simply endorses the worrying right-wing mentality that is gaining momentum. Alek shared: “Please help me raise awareness about this issue because my country Bulgaria is not as bad as Russia. Poland or Hungary (yet) in terms of LGBTQ+ rights yet but it’s going in that direction. I hope we can reach the international LGBTQ+ press because then media in Bulgaria would reflect on it and a dialogue In my country can happen, to prevent discrimination like this from happening again.

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