Spanish Pop Legends Baccara Return With Retro Synth Anthem ‘No Sir, Don’t Say Goodbye’

Baccara consisting of María Mendiola and Cristina Sevilla have delighted us with some brand new music in the form of single, No Sir, Don’t Say Goodbye. Written by Luis Rodríguez and Philippe Escaño, the new single is also produced by Luis and released through Team 33 Music.

The track hits a sweet-spot between updating Baccara’s sound for 2021 but also shining with retro charm thanks to its heavy synths and eighties flavoured sheen. No Sir, Don’t Say Goodbye is Baccara’s first taste of new music since their stellar 2018 album I Belong to Your Heart. Whether this single will be connected to an album is yet to be announced.

Baccara also received a return to UK prominence when their track Yes Sir, I Can Boogie became the anthem of Scotland’s national football team during the Euro 2020 championships.

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