Kat Von D Releases Lavish Gothic Video For New Single ‘Enough’

Brimming with a theatrical energy that draws from the world of classic Gothic and horror imagery, Kat Von D releases her lavish video for new single Enough. The track is due to feature on Kat’s upcoming studio album Love Made Me Do It – arriving August 27th.

The video for Enough was helmed by Franz Szony who drew on classic cinema for inspiration, he shares: “Her song lended itself perfectly to something cinematic and camp. ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ and Fellini were two inspirations we both loved.”

Kat adds: “To me, Franz’s work marries the world of beauty and the macabre and it was a dream come true to create something epic with him. After a few DMs, we met up at my house and brainstormed ideas. Franz hand drew some rough sketches and came up with this surrealist approach to the video. So many details went into creating his vision, from the set design, to the props, and to the outrageous costuming that was completely handmade.” 

In the music and its accompanying visuals, Kat and her collaborators have shown a real love for the theatrical and camp qualities found at the heart of classic horror and gothic iconography. Marrying this with the depth and emotive core of Kat’s music results in a truly unique, exciting artistic experience all round.

Pre-order “Love Made Me Do It”, the new album out August 27th here – http://merch.katvond.com/

Photo: Franz Szony