Norwegian Pop Talent Una Sand Spreads ‘Good Vibes’ and ‘Sexy Energy’ On New Track ‘Fever’

“I hope this is gonna help spread some good vibes and sexy energy to the people, just like we deserve!” Oslo based pop talent Una Sand notes on her new single Fever, a slinky summer anthem filled with sultry breathy vocals and scintillating dancefloor-friendly beats.

Anders Kjær, Sivert Hjetnes Hagtvedt, Suzana Johansen and Una co-write the uplifting summer gem, whilst Anders and Sivert step in for production duties. Fever conjures up carefree, relaxed energy shining as an anthem ready for the world opening up again.

Una has had a productive 2021 so far, dropping singles Body, Somebody Else and Afford My Love this year. The talented pop singer has been releasing music since 2016 and has continued to standout as one of Norway’s most exciting musical talents.

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