Sam Williams Unveils Debut Album ‘Glasshouse Children’ Tracklist, Keith Urban Collaboration ‘Kids’

Sam Williams is gearing up to his debut album Glasshouse Children and this edges closer with the announcement of its tracklist, release date and the release of new track Kids – featuring Keith Urban. Arriving on August 20th, the anticipated album is also set to feature the legendary Dolly Parton on new track Happy All the Time.

Penned by Boots Ottestad, Eric Arjes and Hank Compton, the freshly dropped Kids is a nostalgic summer track with bittersweet production from Jaren Johnston. It’s rousing yet packs an undercurrent of melancholy to it.

On the album release, the singer shared: “It’s been a long time coming. Every good or not so good song I’ve ever written contributed to this moment. I hope the singles so far showcase the versatility of the music. I definitely experimented with different sounds on this album but it’s shimmer is in me singing and writing from the heart.”

Previously released tracks 10-4, Can’t Fool Your Own Blood, The World: Alone and Shuteye will help tide over listeners who can’t wait until August 20th. See the full tracklist below:

  1. Glasshouse Children
  2. Happy All The Time (Ft. Dolly Parton)
  3. Can’t Fool Your Own Blood
  4. Bullet Blues
  5. 10-4
  6. Wild Girl
  7. Kids (Ft. Keith Urban)
  8. Shuteye
  9. Hopeless Romanticism
  10. The World: Alone