Aqua Return With ‘I Am What I Am’ In Time For Copenhagen Pride 2021

Hitting 3.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify each month – the world is still very much here for Aqua. The iconic Danish/Norwegian pop act remain an instantly recognisable name across the globe with their hits Barbie Girl, Doctor Jones and Around the World still bringing joy to millions – not to mention their underrated third album Megalomania being an out and out treat. The trio return with an unexpected anthem, I Am What I Am, with the mellow take on the big gay showtune released for Copenhagen Pride 2021.

Produced by Goldie & Quang, the iconic track from composer Jerry Herman previously featured in musical La Cage aux Folles but has since been covered by Gloria Gaynor, Shirley Bassey, Pia Zadora, John Barrowman and Amanda Lear – camp company! Aqua’s version is more mellow, stripped back and lo-fi than expected, but we would say it is a safe bet to expect some remixes to put a donk on this queer classic.

We’re delighted to have more Aqua music. Could a new album be on the cards? We hope so.