Anton Ewald Releases Slick, Sexy New Track ‘That Should Be Me’

Soulful vocals paired with rippling basslines take centre stage on Anton Ewald’s slick, sexy new single That Should Be Me. The Swedish pop talent continues to impress after his previous releases of 2021: Melodifestivalen competing New Religion (which still slaps) and the eighties flavoured delight DeLorean.

Anton and Zoë Moss co-write the track, which Anton also produces, mixes and masters. The song sees Anton sing of dealing with the hurt and heartache of seeing the one you love with another, with the musician singing “I’m dying a hundred times, I wish I could change your mind, You say he’s the one, That should be me…”

Anton continues to impress with his recent output which we are set to hear more of in his upcoming, eagerly anticipated EP.

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