Fashion: Faye Dunaway is the Face of Gucci

There are few women that embody the concept of the Hollywood star better than Faye Dunaway. This is something that fashion photographer Petra Collins emphasises in her new photoshoot with the Network and Bonnie and Clyde star for Gucci.

Dunaway has become the face of the Sylvie, the latest handbag release from fashion house Gucci. In the short glossy ad campaign (evocative of David Cronenberg’s 2014 indie treat Map to the Stars), she plays a vamped up Hollywood icon training her daughter (played by Soko) to follow in her footsteps. 

You can watch the short film below and enjoy the stills of the ever glamorous Dunaway. One thing that this does assert, is that Dunaway belongs on the screen, the question is finding a vehicle deserving of her talents. 

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