British Singer-Songwriter Lottie Tackles Troublesome Romances on ‘Lights Out’

British singer-songwriter Lottie creates music bringing together relatable emotive concepts and indie pop production, voicing her stories from a lesbian perspective. Her latest single Lights Out is a bustling mid-tempo that centres on a turbulent relationship.

​​Lottie shares: “It’s important to me to create the music I was desperately looking for when I first came out as gay. I want to sing about the ups and downs of love from my own personal perspective and hope that in doing so, I can help others feel less alone on their own journey.”

It’s refreshing to see artists such as Lottie putting the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ life into their music, whilst presenting stories that feel relatable and honest. Lottie adds : ‘Lights Out’ is the first single to be released from my debut album. It’s an upbeat pop track, infused with piano elements and dance hall style drums. The lyrics lament about a troublesome relationship and depict the turbulent emotions of failing love.”

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