HVNTER Releases Shimmering Melancholic Synthpop Hit ‘Breathe’ Ahead of New EP

Welsh pop talent HVNTER will be no stranger to Culture Fix readers, in the past we’ve highlighted his stellar tracks Drink to Forget and Mind Games, but now the singer releases his new single Breathe. The track is set to appear on You Don’t Know Love, HVNTER’s upcoming EP due July 30th.

Also scheduled to feature on the EP are Drink to Forget and Care For You, yet Breathe is sonically slightly more up-tempo than the latter. The singer shares: “This song is a perfect balance of sadness and happiness for me. It holds a strange optimism in a time that I felt very defeated and low coming to the end of a relationship.”

With sharp synths and HVNTER’s inviting vocals immediately hitting us, the tempo of Breathe builds with the slinky yet melancholic club anthem arriving at anthemic chorus with lyrics selling the theme of heartbreak on the dancefloor.

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