Tennessee-Based Rising Talent Crux Elevates Queer Voices On Debut Album ‘Crux+’

Non-binary talent Crux assembles a plethora of LGBTQIA+ collaborators for their debut album Crux+. Fans may be familiar with pre-release tracks Oh Boii featuring Jxckson, the Bea Brat assisted Half of Me, Neon Lights and Vibes. Crux plays with hyperpop and hip-hop sounds to create a unique flavour.

Crux notes “I wanted to do a collaborative album to raise the queer voices to the forefront the best way I could since a lot of pop culture steals from the community or completely ignores the LGBTQIA+ community and doesn’t take us seriously.”

They add “This album represents love, sex, manifesting, and  confidence that I never knew I could channel until meeting these amazing other artists that helped bring it out of me.”

See the full tracklist below. Stream the album above.

  1. Make Em Wait (Ft. Sailem)
  2. Neon Lights
  3. Stiletto (Ft. Alez Miguel)
  4. Tornado (Ft. Chrissy Chakalisi)
  5. Oh Boii (Ft. Jxckson)
  6. Vibes
  7. Tennis Match (Ft. Kyle Mays)
  8. Sih (Interlude)
  9. So Sexy (Ft. Sailem)
  10. Controller (Ft. Sam Scott)
  11. Gimme Ur #
  12. Go Low (Ft. Myah Marie)
  13. Half Of Me (Ft. Bea Brat)
  14. Digital Eyes
  15. Own That