Tel Aviv Based Musical Talent Hadar Sopher Releases Debut Album ‘HASO’

Tel Aviv based musician Hadar Sopher delights with the release of his debut album, HASO. The self-taught Israeli musician producer, songwriter, and guitarist released the eight song collection earlier this month, blending genres and impressing with bold, honest songwriting.

The dramatic opener Real, underpinned by a powerful piano melody and raw vocal delivery, plays with R&B-pop sounds to produce a cinematic flavour. Mouth Shut veers into similarly powerful territory with a rousing chorus and electronic-rock production from Hadar. A rippling bassline and intriguing vocal effects take centre stage on the experimental sound of What You Are, whilst Dive is slinky, sexy and shines with a lingering cool.

Move On impresses through its acoustic guitar backing, paired with light electronic production and elegant vocal delivery from the songwriter. There are classic pop flavours to Deny which is a a breezy, mid-tempo, whilst the chorus of ‘Ooh baby’ on Control showcase some impressive pop hooks. Album closer Nothing Else is a rousing summer anthem that retains the album’s sense of swagger and cool.

On HASO, Hadar has crafted an impressive collection of tracks which showcase his raw artistic identity and undeniable sense of cool. This is an artist we’re incredibly excited about.

Stream HASO above. Connect with Hadar below: