US Singer-Songwriter Christian French Releases Reflective Indie-Pop Hit ‘avalanche’

Indiana-native Christian French releases his new single avalanche – a reflective pop anthem that sees the singer look back on past relationships. Prompted by a mix of writer’s block triggered by the lack of inspirational experiences available due to various states of lockdown and the end of a three year relationship, Christian created avalanche with co-writers Andy Seltzer, Charles Robert Nelsen, Jacob Kasher, Jake Torrey and Kyle Buckley. The track is produced by Andy Seltzer, Jake Torrey, Pink Slip and inverness.

Christian shares: “I’ve found that in every relationship I’ve been in, there always comes this initial thought of me wondering what life would be like without this person, where I start to fantasize a better life on my own.  This thought starts out so innocent, but over time, the more I give that thought attention, the more and more it snowballs into what I actually want.  One simple thought grew into an avalanche.”

The avalanche metaphor is furthered through gradually-building pop production with a brisk style. Passionate vocals from Christian help convey themes of self-realisation and dramatic acceptance at the demise of a relationship.

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