John Duff Releases Euphoric Debut EP Brimming With Energy ‘Homo•Sapien’

Maryland-native John Duff has been releasing music for a number of years, but the star now releases his debut EP, the fabulously titled Homo•Sapien. The six track set showcases John’s gorgeous charismatic vocals on five original tracks and a perfectly chosen Mariah Carey cover.

Opening with the blisteringly joyous dancepop anthem High Heels, energy remains high for Is It a Sin and the electronic percussion centred Be the Man. Hot Boys (Have Feelings Too) is an electronic club anthem loaded with self-aware lyricism and a well-crafted sense of pensive longing, whilst Wishing‘s acoustic guitar-driven melody helps it shine as a punchy, amusing number. John also delivers an impressively re-arranged version of Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body complete with a finger-snapping, clapping twist.

John shared “I wanted to write something profound in this caption, about how my music is “human” and not “gay” – but I realized there’s no point because everyone is so fucking stupid. We literally live in a society where hot coffee has a burn warning on it. So yeah: Homo•Sapien is out Friday. And it’s GAY.”

Check out the full tracklist below.

  1. High Heels
  2. Is It a Sin
  3. Be the Man
  4. Hot Boys (Have Feelings Too)
  5. Wishing
  6. Touch My Body

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