S Club 7 Star Jo O’Meara Announces New Album ‘With Love’, Releases Single ‘On The Surface’

One of the most unmistakable voices in late-nineties/early-noughties British pop is that of Jo O’Meara who shot to fame as part of S Club 7. The singer is scheduled to release her second solo album (following 2005 album Relentless) on August 27th, titled With Love. Jo precedes her upcoming studio album with freshly released single On The Surface.

Jo shares “This song is about how we can keep things bottled up inside, And people never knowing the true pain of what maybe inside someone ! Sometimes it’s easier to put on a smile ! Everyone is ok ….. on the surface.” It’s a tender, contemplative mid-tempo with a rousing chorus with gorgeous multi-instrumentation and a passionate vocal from Jo.

The singer represents some of her past on the album with stripped back versions of solo hit Relentless and S Club anthem Don’t Stop Moving appearing. Covers of Missing You and Heaven also appear on the album, as well as original tracks, six of which Jo co-writes. She notes: “I’ve made this album with all my love, but I’m also sending it with love to all the fans out there that have been so supportive to me for all of these years, through the ups and downs. I’m so proud of what I’ve done with this album, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

‘With Love’ tracklist:

  1. ‘I’ll Be There’
  2. ‘On The Surface’
  3. ‘Breathe In’
  4. ‘Closer’
  5. ‘I Hope You Dance’
  6. ‘Lay Your Hurt On Me’
  7. ‘Pieces’
  8. ‘Sweet Surrender’
  9. ‘Missing You’
  10. ‘Relentless’ (Unplugged)
  11. ‘Heaven’
  12. ‘Don’t Stop Moving’ (Unplugged)

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Lead photo: Parri Thomas