Donna Summer Remix ‘I Believe (In You) [Figo Sound Version]’ Drops From ‘I’m a Rainbow’ Remix Rerelease

Donna Summer’s I’m a Rainbow album was recorded in 1981 but not actually released in 1996, arriving at a time where it would become Summer’s penultimate studio (non-holiday) album – only followed by 2008’s comeback LP Crayons. The album is an interesting one, marking her final major collaborations with Giorgio Moroder before moving on to collaborating with Quincy Jones for her self-titled LP.

Gaining a new lease of life, the underappreciated recordings from Summer and producers Moroder and Pete Bellotte and Harold Faltermeyer are given remixes by numerous international dance music producers – as showcased in the Figo Sound version of Joe Esposito duet I Believe (In You) which arrives today.

The original eighteen track CD release is slimmed down to just ten of the tracks which receive remixes from Junior Vasquez, Le Flex, Figo Sound, Jean Tonique, Ladies On Mars and Oliver Nelson. This hits shelves on the 10th of October.

Unfortunately the slimming of the tracklist means gems such as Melanie are omitted, however, we are nonetheless excited to hear the various new mixes of these underrated tracks. See the full running order of the 2LP version.

1. I’m A Rainbow [Junior’s Shiny Rainbow Edit] 4:13
2. I Believe (In You) (Duet With Joe “Bean” Esposito) [Figo Sound Version] 4:45
3. Back Where You Belong [Jean Tonique Remix] 4:18
4. You To Me [Oliver Nelson Remix] 3:36
5. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina [Ladies On Mars ‘Buenos Aires’ Remix] 5:34

1. Sweet Emotion [Le Flex Remix] 3:43
2. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Remix] 4:42
3. Romeo [Ladies On Mars ‘Luv-NRG’ Remix] 3:38
4. Highway Runner [Ladies On Mars ‘Street Race’ Remix] 3:09
5. Leave Me Alone [Ladies On Mars ‘Independence’ Remix] 4:13

1. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Remix – Radio Edit] 3:36
2. I Believe (In You) (Duet With Joe “Bean” Esposito) [Figo Sound Radio Version] 3:00
3. Highway Runner [Ladies On Mars ‘Street Race’ Extended Remix] 6:17

1. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Extended Remix] 6:52
2. Romeo [Ladies On Mars ‘Luv-NRG’ Extended Remix] 6:46