Swedish Pop Talent Kristian Kaspersen Drops Four Track ‘Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt’ EP

Kristian Kaspersen has releases a decent handful of flat-out bops in recent years and the Swedish singer continues his upwards trajectory with his latest four track EP Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt. Shining with its euphoric title-track, which is described as “bombastic pop anthem for the brokenhearted lovers full of hope that want to find the courage to fall in love once again”, the EP commands us to the dancefloors as the world gradually re-opens.

Kristian drew inspiration for the title track after watching contemporary cinema classic Call Me By Your Name with the star noting: “I was so immersed in the main character that I felt I could all of a sudden experience all those feelings again, that I myself had become a little bit ashamed of expressing. Those I’m too proud, unnuanced self-pitying ones. Even though there is a fragility in the song there is also a strong feeling of wanting to move forward and of wanting to fall in love again, like you’d never been burnt before.” The track is penned by Kristian with production from Peter Hägerås who has previously written and produced songs for HRH Charlotte Perrelli.

Come Rain Come Shine feels like a contemporary Ace of Base track with Mediterranean flavours shimmering in the production, yet there is a darker undercurrent to the track with it inspired by the tale of a stalker. Don’t Hold Your Breath is a crunching industrial electronic anthem which feels inspired by British synthpop acts such as Erasure, The Human League and OMD.

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