Crossover Country Talent Turbo Drops Asserting Debut Album ‘Cocaine & Fireworks’

Nicholas LaMonaca releasing under the moniker of Turbo drops his debut album Cocaine & Fireworks after a number of asserting singles which showcase him as one of the most exciting artists working across genres currently. The Calgary born singer shines with the swagger of outlaw country, blending it with hip-hop influences and pop melodies.

What strikes us about his debut album is how authentic Turbo’s storytelling feels. The breezy melodies of the opening title track capturing the emotions of the party scene, whilst the slick pop hooks in Zombiez will linger with listeners, and Racing After Me blends country bolshiness with hip hop swagger. Heartbreak anthem Broke My Heart captures the rebound after the pain, whilst 18 is a nostalgic ‘what if’ track with a raw emotion at its heart. Prior single Bo Exotic has an electronic cool evocative of Foster the People and MGMT, this production style present in the electric guitar driven Hell On Earth also.

Clocking in at just under thirty minutes, Turbo takes an all killer no filler approach to Cocaine & Fireworks, which asserts him as one of the music industry’s most exciting new arrivals. Check out the full tracklist below. Stream the album above.

1.  Cocaine & Fireworks
2.  Zombiez
3.  Racing After Me
4.  LA
5.  Broke My Heart
6.  Reckless
7.  18
8.  Exes
9.  Bo Exotic
10.  Hell On Earth
11.  Lucy
12.  Heart Stop

Connect with Turbo here.