AJ Mitchell Drops New Piano-Driven Pop Gem ‘ONE MORE FIGHT’

AJ Mitchell drops piano-driven new single ONE MORE FIGHT, an elegant mid-tempo that centres around the idea of pushing past the fights and arguments that relationships bring. The new single is written by AJ, Lindgren, and Melanie Fontana, with production from Lindgren.

AJ sings “I’d rather fight with you than have to fight without you” against a gentle piano melody, delivering the track’s lyrics with an impressive conviction. The single is expected to be joined by AJ’s previous releases Stop and Cameras On as part of AJ’s expected Skyview album which is rumoured for a Summer 2021 release.

AJ is a nineteen year old pop talent from Illinois. His singles All My Friends and Slow Dance (with Ava Max) have made a dent in the US pop charts. He’s gone on to amass near seven million Spotify streams each month.

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