Norwegian Pop Talents Marcus & Martinus Join Forces With Alex Rose For Latin Pop Delight ‘Belinda’

We arrive in Brazil by the way of Norwegian town Trofors on Marcus & Martinus’s freshly dropped Alex Rose collaboration Belinda. The uplifting Latin jam is produced by Erik Fjeld and written by Marcus & Martinus alongside Alexis Guzmán, Erik Fjeld, Gabriel Nystad, and MuñozIda Wærdahl.

With a mix of acoustic guitar production and heated Latin percussion, Belinda is a feel-good Summer hit that sees the handsome brothers sing of the enchanting Belinda with lyrics such as “Your energy is givin’ into my body, It’s crazy all the ways you got a hold on me, And every single move, you do it naturally,” capturing the breezy uplifting vibe. Alex Rose contributes some charismatic Spanish language vocals to the fold ensuring the track is delivered with maximum conviction.

Belinda is Marcus & Martinus’s first single of 2021. It follows last year’s Christmas single It’s Christmas Time and 2020 standalone track Love You Less. The boy’s most recent studio album was 2018’s Moments.

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