Pose Star Michaela Jaé Releases Debut Single Joyful R&B Disco Track ‘Something To Say’

As much as we are all sad to see the end of Pose, the final of the show marks lots of new exciting projects from its cast and crew. Michaela Jaé who played the wonderful Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista has used this moment to mark her debut musical release, joyful R&B disco jam Something To Say.

“Love, you know it’s really got a hold on me. And I just want to figure this out. We don’t got to do this alone if we try to come together as equals starting over today. I got something to say,” the performer sings on the track which has echoes of classic Earth, Wind and Fire disco to it thanks to brassy production from PWP. The song is written by Duncan Hood, John Paris, Michaela Jaé, Neal H Pogue, Nick Ferraro and Verdine White – the latter of whom might be telling of the EWF references.

Hopefully there is more music to come from Michaela who told Entertainment Weekly: “I think right now I’m still young and I have so much to offer to the acting realm, to the film industry, and the music industry… Music has been my passion for years, and I want that to happen.”

Connect with Michaela on her Instagram. Hear Something To Say above.