Cascada Return With Trans-X Collaboration ‘One Last Dance’

You can always count on Cascada to deliver a banger and they do just that with Trans-X collaboration One Last Dance – a sweaty, pulsating neon-soaked club anthem.

“Give me one last dance in the rhythm of the night / To our bad romance / In the shadow of the blinding lights / Nothing is forever,” Cascada’s Natalie Horler sings against thumping dance production from Trans-X. It’s slick, euphoric and very high energy dance music that show Cascada still have plenty to give fans of the genre.

Trans-X is a Canadian 1980s synth band formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They are known for their hit song Living on Video which charted worldwide. Cascada have focussed on standalone singles in recent years with I’m Feeling It (In the Air) and Like The Way You Do being their last singles – these were released in 2020. Cascada will always be known as Eurovision icons based on their vastly underrated German entry Glorious back in 2013.