Barbra Streisand Opens The Vaults Again For ‘Release Me 2’, Releases Willie Nelson Duet ‘I’d Want It To Be You’

Barbra Streisand delivered her first collection of unreleased material on 2012’s Release Me which shared tracks recorded from the 60s to the 2010s including the musical icon’s spins on gems like Home (from The Wiz). The singer returns with Release Me 2 near ten years on, featuring Willie Nelson duet I’d Want It To Be You, alongside collaborations with Barry Gibb and Kermit the Frog. The set arrives August 6th 2021.

The music legend accompanied the news of the release with an official statement on her website, sharing: “Working on this 2nd volume of Release Me has been a lovely walk down memory lane…a chance to revisit, and in some cases, add a finishing instrumental touch to songs that still resonate for me in meaningful ways. I’m particularly struck by the ongoing relevance of “Be Aware” and “One Day,” which still speak to our collective sense of humanity.”

We’re most intrigued by Barbra’s collaborations with Barry Gibb with track If Only You Were Mine originally intended to appear on Guilty Pleasures. Let’s pray it’s another Night of My Life – give us that mid-noughties dancefloor banger, queen.

See the full tracklist below:

  1. Be Aware (Bacharach/David)
  2. You Light Up My Life (Carole King)
  3. I’d Want It to Be You (Tomberlin/Landers/Dorff) – with Willie Nelson
  4. Sweet Forgiveness (Afanasieff/Bettis)
  5. Living Without You (Randy Newman)
  6. One Day (A Prayer) (Bergman/Bergman/Legrand)
  7. Rainbow Connection (Williams/Ascher) – with Kermit the Frog
  8. Right as the Rain (Arlen/Harburg)
  9. If Only You Were Mine (B. Gibb/A. Gibb/S. Gibb) – with Barry Gibb
  10. Once You’ve Been in Love (Bergman/Bergman/Legrand)
  11. When the Lovin’ Goes Out of the Lovin’ (Parker/Whiteside) (Target-exclusive bonus track)