Drew Patrick Drops Seductive New Single ‘Touch’, Readies ‘Serotonin’ Album For June

Los Angeles based pop talent Drew Patrick gears up to release his debut album Serotonin on June 18th, with the singer building anticipation through his seductive new pop anthem Touch. The glamorous dancefloor anthem follows previous singles Rooftops & Coffeeshops, Worship, Best of Us, and Call It a Night which are all due to feature on the forthcoming LP.

From one listen to Touch (which is written by Drew) it is easy to tell that the artist is destined for great things. The track is a slick, loved-up (or lust-filled) anthem packed with immaculate electronic production and sparkling synths with Drew’s charming sense of charisma channelled in inviting vocals. The track is produced by Drew and Mukund Komanduri, and is accompanied by an elegant neon-lit video which can be watched above.

Drew has been releasing music since 2015, steadily dropping tracks throughout the years since. Serotonin will mark his debut album. You can pre-order this here. Check out the full tracklist below.

  1. Serotonin
  2. Best of Us
  3. Call It a Night
  4. Sex, Drugs & Cigs (Ft. Spazzzy G)
  5. Worship
  6. Touch
  7. Yellow Butterfly (Interlude)
  8. Sensational Bliss
  9. Blush
  10. I Promise You
  11. Mary Jane
  12. Rooftops & Coffee Shops
  13. Young. Blonde. Ambitious.

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