Finnish Musician Elias Kaskinen Delivers Uplifting Summer Vibes on ‘Kerran elämässä’ (‘Once in a Lifetime’)

Easy on the eye Finnish musician Elias Kaskinen is gearing up to release his debut album later this year, having given us a taste through singles Happi loppuu (‘Oxygen Runs Out‘) and Pelkään rakastaa sua (‘I’m Afraid to Love‘). Elias now gives us the third taste of the upcoming album, new song Kerran elämässä‘ (‘Once in a Lifetime‘).

The track is an up-tempo summer anthem with melodic production underpinned by a mix of Mediterranean-flavoured acoustic guitar and synths, with Elias’s impassioned vocals gliding over the rousing production. The singer shared a little about the creative process behind the track, which saw him work with co-writers Joonas Angeria and Vilma Alina, with Angeria also producing:

Sometimes the songs are born as if by themselves, but this song was a real cry of sorrow. The song was written together with @vilmaalina and @joonasangeria in late 2019. Making the text and melody was easy and fun, but getting the production completed was a completely icy job site. The song was made into many completely different fitting blanks, all of which flew into the trash. At some point we talked to Joonas in the studio coffee room, you don’t have to arrange a good song to be SO difficult and were already giving up. I remember when Joonas leaned in pain against his desk and tested a few more drum comps against the song track until suddenly – SIMSALA HITON BIM – it was there !!! The right rhythmic feel was found and soon the whole production was complete!”

Stream Kerran elämässä‘ above. Connect with Elias on his Instagram.