Laura Mvula Releases Uplifting Pop Gem ‘Got Me’ Ahead of ‘Pink Noise’ Album

Laura Mvula is operating at a 100% success rate with her pre-release tracks from her July 2nd scheduled album Pink Noise. The singer follows previously dropped hits Church Girl and Safe Passage with new track Got Me.

Written and produced by Dann Hume and Laura, Got Me sees the singer croon “You got me, Tremblin’ in the palm of your hand, You got me, I’m a slavе to the sound…” against up-tempo electronic production laced with eighties and nineties pop influence. Dann and Laura have crafted a joyous sense of nostalgia that echoes classic hits from Prince, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, tapping into electronic funk-pop, matching these icons in their energy and impassioned delivery.

Check out the full tracklist for Pink Noise below:

01 Safe Passage
02 Conditional
03 Church Girl
04 Remedy
05 Magical
06 Pink Noise
07 Golden Ashes
08 What Matters
09 Got Me
10 Before the Dawn